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Ticket Purchase Redefined

See how we are redesigning the online ticket purchasing experience! Our customized solution offers intuitive navigation, flexible pricing and seamless integrations.


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We developed a special solution for our client that revolutionizes the online ticket purchasing process. The challenge was to create a platform that provides a clear overview of the different pricing options and their discount levels, including a dedicated area for additional options such as upgrades, which are arranged below the main price categories. It was also crucial to be able to individually set the maximum number of tickets that a customer can purchase for an event or within a certain price category. Also important was the ability to select different ticket categories and put them together in the shopping cart, with several ticket variants using a uniform inventory. All of these requirements had to be implemented in a user-friendly, intuitive interface. 

Our design solution

To meet this challenge, we have developed a clear and intuitive layout. The price categories are grouped in such a way that the first discount level is immediately visible, while further discounts can be revealed by simply clicking on the category. For additional services, we have integrated a separate section below the ticket options, which provides access to detailed information on the special services via a special "Show content" button. 

Technical implementation with a focus on user experience

To group the different ticket options, we use PHP to capture all variants of an event and group them according to common characteristics. These intelligent groups then display the different options within a category in a clear structure. The expand and collapse function of the detailed views is made possible by JavaScript, which significantly improves the usability and clarity of the system. For the specific functions of ticket limiting and shared inventory, we rely on the plugins "Woo Min/Max Quantities" and "Variation Shared Inventory for WooCommerce". "Woo Min/Max Quantities" allows us to set individual minimum and maximum quantities for each ticket variant, while "Variation Shared Inventory for WooCommerce" supports the creation of a warehouse group whose inventory is divided between several ticket variants. This combination allows us to manage the availability of tickets in real time and ensure that customers cannot put more tickets in the shopping cart than are actually available. A clever system calculates the sum of the selected ticket options and dynamically adjusts the availability to avoid overbooking.

Everything in the shopping cart with one click

The crucial moment of ticket purchase is supported by a simple and efficient logic. When clicking on the shopping cart button, our system checks the selected quantity of each ticket variant. Each selected option is then placed directly into the shopping cart with the corresponding quantity, while the customer is seamlessly redirected to the checkout. 

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