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Environmental Protection: Forest Foundation for Saxony

Learn more about our custom solution for Stiftung Wald für Sachsen with progress bars and dynamic forms for seamless user interaction.


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In times of digital advances, organizations like the Foundation Forest for Saxony at the forefront of environmental protection and work tirelessly to protect and care for our natural resources. With the aim of promoting resilient forests and counteracting climate change by reducing CO2, the Forest for Saxony Foundation invites individuals to join their cause as "forest masters". Find out how code.pixies has collaborated with this noble foundation to turn their vision into a digital reality and enable users to effortlessly contribute to environmental protection. 

Digital solutions for environmental protection

In the digital era, the use of technology for environmental protection has become essential. The Forest for Saxony Foundation, with its commitment to forest protection, sought innovative digital solutions to increase its impact. In collaboration with code.pixies The Foundation embarked on a journey to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge features into its website, improve user engagement, and facilitate contributions to its cause. 

Transition to Superior Performance: Elementor vs. Divi Builder

When navigating the world of WordPress page builders, Stiftung Wald für Sachsen faced a crucial choice between Elementor and Divi Builder. While both platforms offer robust features, our expertise at Code Pixies and Elementor's superior performance metrics led to a seamless transition to the Hello theme. This strategic move ensured optimal website functionality, improved user experience, and increased search engine visibility, in line with our commitment to excellence in digital design. 

Strengthening interaction with tailor-made solutions

Dynamic design elements and real-time updates

Our joint efforts focused on integrating dynamic design elements and real-time updates to improve user interaction and engagement. By leveraging Elementor's robust features, we seamlessly embedded progress bars into popups to provide our clients with an intuitive and interactive way to track donation progress in real-time.

Additionally, our implementation of dynamic form functionality ensured smooth synchronization between form submissions and on-page text to promote a fluid user experience and enable maximum user engagement.

Integrating progress bars to increase engagement
By using Elementor's progress bar element, we integrated engaging visual indicators into popups to provide our clients with an intuitive and interactive way to track donation progress. By displaying real-time updates, users are actively engaged and encouraged to contribute to the project's success.
Our custom implementation of dynamic form functionality goes beyond traditional methods by seamlessly syncing form submissions with on-page text. Using shortcodes, users can easily visualize remaining event spaces to foster a sense of urgency and facilitate timely registration.
To further improve the user experience, we have integrated an automatic form closure so that once all available seats are filled, the form closes automatically. Users then receive a personalized thank you message thanking them for their interest and participation in the event. By leveraging these customized solutions, we enable our clients to effectively engage their audience, encourage meaningful interactions, and achieve their goals effortlessly.

Join the movement: Contribute to environmental protection

As the Forest for Saxony Foundation continues its noble mission, we invite you to join the movement and contribute to environmental protection. Whether through financial donations or active participation in conservation efforts, every action contributes to creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Let us together take on the challenge of environmental protection and leave a lasting mark on our planet.

Support us in the mission of the Forest for Saxony Foundation to protect and care for our forests.
Together we become guardians of the environment and create a brighter future for all. 

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