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Responsive tables with Ninja Tables Pro

Discover how Ninja Tables Pro optimizes your WordPress tables and sets new standards in responsive display of table content.


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Tables are an indispensable tool for presenting data clearly. Especially on websites, a well-designed table can make the difference between a confusing flood of information and a clear presentation. The WordPress plugin Ninja Tables Pro offers an elegant solution for creating tables and customizing them to individual requirements. In this Insight, we will discuss the benefits of the plugin and how we used it for one of our customers.

Focus on responsiveness

An outstanding feature of Ninja Tables Pro is its responsiveness. Thanks to a variety of setting options, table content can be optimally adapted for display on mobile devices. A particularly useful feature is the ability to specify which columns should be displayed from a certain breakpoint. The remaining columns can then be expanded or collapsed using a button, which significantly improves user-friendliness on mobile devices.

Support for dynamic content

Another highlight of the plugin is the support of dynamic content. Ninja Tables Pro enables the integration of WordPress posts and custom post types as well as WooCommerce products. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for integrating multimedia content such as images, videos, audio and links into tables, not just plain text.

From sorting & filtering functions to search functions

In addition, Ninja Tables Pro offers extensive sorting and filtering features, including a powerful search function. Users can sort and filter table contents according to various criteria to find exactly the information they need.

Export options

The plugin also allows you to export the table in formats such as CSV or PDF, which makes it easier to process the data outside of the website.

Application example

Responsive project portfolio at our customer TSSB

We use Ninja Tables Pro for one of our customers to present their extensive project portfolio in a structured manner. 

The projects are created as custom post types and new content is added dynamically. Our customer needed a solution that would allow him to present his portfolio on the go, for example on his tablet, while using a filter and search function. The responsive display of Ninja Tables Pro met these requirements perfectly and ensured an optimal user experience.

code pixies GmbH | Responsive Tabellen mit Ninja Tables Pro | tssb 4

Overall, Ninja Tables Pro offers a comprehensive solution for creating and customizing tables in WordPress. With its responsiveness, support for dynamic content, and diverse sorting, filtering, and search features, it is an extremely versatile tool that is suitable for both simple and complex tables.

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