Reliable support for your Web Presence

Our web agency offers comprehensive support in the areas of website maintenance, hosting & servers as well as individual advice. We help you to keep your web presence up to date and ensure reliable online performance.

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Website Maintenance

Our all-round carefree service for a secure website

From regular updates and backups to security checks, we offer a complete, worry-free service that ensures the longevity and performance of your website. 


Updates & Patches

We implement seamless software updates and security patches to ensure smooth functionality. Our experts keep your systems up to date and secure.


Backups & Recovery

Regular and reliable backup of your website data is essential to be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. We therefore perform regular backups of your website to protect you from unforeseen events.


Performance Monitoring

We constantly monitor your website speed and performance to prevent any potential issues. Our priority is to provide your visitors with a smooth and fast user experience.


Security checks

We offer comprehensive security checks to protect your website long-term and effectively against any threats, so that you can always rely on the protection of your valuable content.

Basic protection
for your online presence
Proactive protection and performance
Premium support for the highest demands

WordPress maintenance contracts: security and performance at every level

Secure the future of your WordPress site with our customized maintenance plans. Rely on preventive measures, optimal protection and continuous performance optimization.

Individual additional services for maximum flexibility

In addition to our standardized maintenance contracts, we also offer individually customizable retainers and hourly quotas. Both options allow you to precisely plan the services that are relevant to you and ensure that your website always receives the attention it needs - with no surprises in terms of costs

Retainer service:

Ensure continuous support and fast support through a fixed monthly hourly quota. This option is ideal for companies that require regular updates, performance optimizations and technical advice.

Hours package:

Buy hourly packages in advance and use them flexibly for all services, from technical support to individual adjustments and extensions. Our hourly quotas guarantee transparent billing and easy planning for your project budget.

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Hosting & Server

Reliable and high-performance hosting for your website

Our hosting and server services provide a reliable and fast infrastructure for your web applications. Speed and availability are our top priority.

Server configuration

Customized server solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Monitoring & Support

24/7 monitoring and fast support for technical issues.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Secure and regular backups of your data with efficient recovery plans.

Security management

Advanced security protocols to protect your data and your online presence.

Consulting & Training

Together we identify optimization opportunities and achieve your digital goals

In today's digital world, sound advice is essential to stand out from the competition. Our experts offer tailored consulting services tailored to the individual needs of your company. We help you turn digital challenges into opportunities and fully exploit your business potential.

Digital Strategy

Developing strategies that are aligned with your business goals and market positioning.

Process Optimization

Analyze and improve your business processes for maximum efficiency.

Use of Technology

Advice on selecting and implementing the right technologies for your company.

Change Management

Support in implementing change processes to promote digital transformation.

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Our expertise, your growth

Expand your skills and strengthen your team's autonomy with our tailored training programs. Learn how to manage your website independently, maintain content efficiently and take full control of your digital business.

Individual Training Videos

Independent web maintenance made easy.
Tailored video tutorials that show you how to securely update and manage your website.

Live workshops

Direct knowledge transfer in real time.
Interactive sessions where you learn how to work with the tools and features of your website – online or in person.

Tool Customization

Intuitive operation without risk.
By customizing your website with user-friendly tools like Karsten Post Type, we enable easy content maintenance.

Ongoing Guidance

Support every step of the way.
Our experts are at your side to optimize the use of your website and expand your digital presence.

Any questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions about our services in an initial free consultation.