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Find out more about the relaunch of the TSSB Architects website according to their vision. The focus was not only on the design and new functions, but also on the needs of the architects who wanted to present their projects in an attractive portfolio.

Design meets function

Our client had clear ideas about how their website should be designed, but these had to be seamlessly combined with the required functionality.

To implement these visions, we decided on a website relaunch with WordPress as the CMS and Elementor as the page builder. This combination offered the necessary flexibility to both implement the specified design and integrate the required functions.

A key aspect of the project was the creation of a comprehensive project portfolio. Here, the Advanced Custom Fields plugin was used to create custom post types. This allowed us to structure all project details as fields that our client could easily maintain. A numeric field allowed them to individually determine the order of projects, while a simple select option allowed them to showcase special projects directly in the project slider on the homepage.

User-friendly search and filter function

To ensure an optimal user experience, we integrated targeted search and filter functions. Projects could be searched for in both the footer and navigation, while the portfolio page could be filtered by category. In addition, a table view offered a clear summary of the project details, which was sortable and searchable.

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Implementing TSSB's website was an exciting project that combined design, function and usability. By using WordPress with Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields, we were able to successfully implement the architects' vision and create a portfolio that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers an outstanding user experience.

Page count: 8 pages

Going live: September 2023

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About TSSB architects

Discover the dynamic world of TSSB Architects, a progressive architectural firm that excels in architecture, urban planning and interior design across all phases of project development. Founded in 2003 by architects Jan Tröber, Stefan Skorupa, Michael Seeger and David Berner, TSSB Architects has grown into a formidable team of 40 professionals. Their diverse expertise enables them to tackle a wide range of construction projects, from landmark new builds to complex restoration projects, always with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to sustainable building practices.

Known for their outstanding achievements, TSSB Architekten has been awarded with prestigious prizes, including several awards from the prestigious German Design Award. Their transformative restoration of the historic Dresden Behr'sche Villa into a contemporary office complex is a testament to their commitment to preserving architectural heritage while integrating modern functionality. Today, the villa serves as a vibrant headquarters for both TSSB Architekten's Dresden office and code.pixies  and embodies a harmonious combination of tradition and innovation. 

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Going live: September 2023
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