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E-Commerce (Online Shops)

Innovative e-commerce solutions for your business

No part of the customer journey can be overlooked. From the landing page to the checkout page, every aspect of your e-commerce website must be carefully designed.

We help you create a platform that not only sells, but inspires.

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Revolutionize your Online Business

Our e-commerce solutions are digital experiences that bring your brand to life and create a direct connection to your customers. With WooCommerce, we offer a flexible platform that integrates seamlessly into your business model. Create shopping experiences that last.

User Experience
User-friendly navigation and an attractive and appealing design are crucial for the success of a website these days. Our professional design invites you to spend more time on our site and to feel completely comfortable and satisfied.
Product Management

Flexibly manage products, categories and variants. User-friendly tools and intuitive interface for quickly updating and organizing your product lines. Real-time updates enable your online store to stay competitive and up to date.

Security & Payment Options

Safe and reliable transaction processing is of immense importance. For this reason, we offer you a variety of payment methods that are individually tailored to your needs. This allows you to make your purchases in an easy and convenient way.

Analytics & SEO

Gain in-depth insights into your customers' behavior so you can make targeted optimizations on your website. This will help you achieve greater reach and visibility in search engines.

Web design is the key factor in the success of any online business. It creates the first impression, attracts customers and tells the story of your brand. We achieve this by focusing on key factors such as:

  • Compelling calls to action that match the intent of each web page.
  • A clear purchasing process with secure checkout.
  • Trust signals such as SSL certificates that convey reliability.
  • Multiple payment options for customer convenience.
  • Customer reviews that influence purchasing decisions.
  • High-quality images for effective product presentation.
  • Mobile optimization with fast loading times.
  • Engaging content and layouts that reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates. 
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Whether you want to start from scratch or improve an existing store, we adapt your online store to highly complex use cases and exceed market standards.

Our developers work closely with our design team to ensure faster implementation, comprehensive testing, and optimal performance.

With code.pixies you get an e-commerce website that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, ensuring a seamless, secure and engaging shopping experience for your customers. 

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