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The success of your website depends on the concept

Famously said: “A man who does not plan far in advance will find trouble at his door.” – Confucius


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Planning for success

The time invested in the website concept for our latest project with Grainli® ( truly paid off during implementation. We began with a few products, and as the launch of a new product approached, it became clear that the time spent planning was invaluable.

About Grainli®

Grainli® is a dynamic, innovative, and internationally active company based in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in the global trade of agricultural raw materials. Since 2008, customers have valued Grainli®'s expertise in beer, pet food, and seed ingredients. Over the years, the company has expanded its product range to include plant proteins and other raw ingredients.

Collaborating with our partners at 10x Studio, we brought the design for the new PetFood page to life using the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin and the Dynamic Content Plugin for Elementor. For a site with various categories and subcategories, clear navigation and a well-organized backend are crucial to effortlessly adding products over time. 

Efficient use of templates and widgets

A rich library of pre-built templates and widgets fast-tracked the design and deployment process. Instead of creating a clutter of pages, we opted for categories that could encompass multiple products. A single product page template sufficed for multiple products, allowing search engines to index dynamic pages. This approach, using just one PHP file with unique URLs, ensures easy updates and changes without the need to work on each individual product page.

Simplified product information management

We utilized multiple accordions and blocks that are conditionally displayed based on content availability within a single product template, streamlining the presentation and management of product information.

Seamless website translation

The website was translated using WPML, which recreates pages in the desired language and offers editing options for proofing translations. WPML allows content to be translated by yourself, other users of your site, or professional translation services. Code.Pixies provided the translation here, enabling the translation of posts, pages, and custom post types. This gives clients the flexibility to translate the site themselves or connect with professional translation services.

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