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Efficient Management of Shop Offers

Discover how we revolutionized the management and communication of weekly offers for our client with custom solutions and innovative integrations.


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Our client was faced with the challenge of efficiently planning its weekly special offers and supporting them communicatively both on its website and via newsletters without increasing the administrative burden. The aim was to create a central administrative unit that would enable seamless distribution of these offers. 

Custom solution

To overcome this challenge, we decided to integrate the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This tool allowed us to set up a new post type specifically for the weekly offers, with customized input fields for all relevant information. This central administration point makes it much easier to enter and update the offers.

We use the "Elementor Page Builder" to display the offers on the website. With this powerful tool, we created various templates that are precisely tailored to the presentation of the respective offers. A dynamic loop ensures that the offers of the current and coming week are always automatically highlighted, with the top offer of the week being placed prominently on the homepage.

To bridge the gap to newsletter marketing, we rely on an innovative integration with our newsletter provider "Brevo". By developing a special PHP snippet, we generated a new RSS feed that is exclusively intended for the weekly offers. This feed contains all the essential information about the upcoming offers and is retrieved weekly by "Brevo". The RSS extension of "Brevo" checks the feed for new content and automatically generates a newsletter from it, which is prepared for scheduled dispatch.

The result

With this solution, we offer our client an elegant and efficient way to centrally manage their weekly special offers while ensuring that they receive maximum exposure both on their website and in their customers' mailboxes. This strategy not only optimizes the administrative effort, but also the reach and effectiveness of the offer communication.
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