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User-friendly form for new timber construction projects

Discover how we used the free JetFormBuilder to develop a user-friendly multi-step form to simplify the submission of new timber construction projects. Learn how seamless integration and precise data retrieval make the process clear and straightforward.


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Clever use of forms

In the last two articles, we accompanied the exciting development of an innovative feature for our customer's website: an interactive map function for exploring timber construction projects in Saxony and the implementation of JetSmartFilters to filter the projects according to individual criteria.

Now let's take a look at the final key aspect of this project: the new timber construction project submission form. Learn how we use easy-to-use form features and seamless integration to encourage website visitors to participate.

code pixies GmbH | Benutzerfreundliches Formular für neue Holzbauprojekte | HKS Formular

For the smooth submission of new timber construction projects, we rely on the free JetFormBuilder.

To ensure the process is as user-friendly as possible for visitors, we create a multi-step form. This guides visitors through the submission process while ensuring that all relevant data is requested. This method prevents users from being overwhelmed with too much information at once and ensures that the submission process remains clear and straightforward. 

The seamless integration between the form and the meta fields of the custom post type is a crucial step for efficient submission of new timber construction projects. Analogous to the meta fields, we have created the form fields and assigned them appropriate assignments - even a repeater field can be integrated. This ensures that all important information is recorded precisely without compromising user-friendliness. Once the user has completed and submitted the form, a two-step process comes into effect:


Create a timber construction project

A new timber construction project is created in the background, which contains all the data from the form. By default, this project is saved in the "Draft" status.


Send email notification

At the same time, a notification email is sent to our client to inform them of the new submission. Our client can then view the submitted project in the WordPress dashboard. After a review and approval by our client, they can directly publish the project, making it immediately available on the map. 

The successful creation of the submission form for timber construction projects marks a crucial step in the development of our innovative feature. By using JetFormBuilder, we were able to create a user-friendly process that enables a smooth submission. The seamless integration with the meta fields of the custom post type and the automated process flow help to ensure that the integration of new projects is efficient and hassle-free. We look forward to presenting our community's diverse timber construction projects on the interactive map and are excited to see the response from our users.

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